One in four people in the U.S. has a conviction or arrest history that could disqualify them from employment, housing, student loans, or social services. In California, the law allows people with past low-level convictions, who have served their time and are working to turn their lives around, to have those convictions dismissed or reclassified as a lesser charge.

While clearing a criminal record can bring life-changing benefits, the process is not straightforward. In fact, in Los Angeles County, only 6% of eligible people have successfully applied to change their record through Prop 47, one of the most common record clearance options. Code for America is working to make this process easier across California counties.

Clear My Record is a free, online, multi-county channel that makes it easy for people to access record clearance opportunities across the state.

About 43% of people who apply to Clear My Record have convictions in multiple counties. With Clear My Record, applicants can fill out one 10 minute application and send it to multiple counties in one sitting. Applicants are also able to receive timely updates via email and text on eligibility and next steps so they are never left waiting and wondering what is happening with their case.

Clear My Record doesn't just get better outcomes for clients—we’re working to make it possible for public defenders, attorneys general, and court administrators to use Clear My Record data to streamline operational processes as well. In a recent survey, our partners reported that since they started working with Clear My Record, their offices have been able to serve 58% more applicants.

In May 2018, Code for America and the San Francisco District Attorney’s office announced a partnership to clear convictions eligible under Proposition 64 (marijuana legalization) in the city, using Clear My Record. The successful pilot will seamlessly clear criminal records under Prop. 64 for all individuals, with no action required on the part of the individual and with minimal staff time and resources from the SFDA’s office.

To date, Clear My Record has served thousands of applicants in over a dozen California counties.

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