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Fellowship applications open on a rolling basis when we select new partners and projects. Applications are currently closed. But tell us you're interested in the Fellowship and you'll be the first to know when we open our next round of applications.

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Starting with entrepreneurs' needs in Long Beach

City staff and Code for America fellows started by asking entrepreneurs what they needed, and used the feedback to design a better system.

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Long Beach uses AddressIQ to focus emergency medical resources

Using data-integration to help prevent high-cost, high intervention services for people calling 911 unnecessarily.

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Indianapolis leads on opening police data with launch of Comport

Indianapolis uses Comport, an open data portal for police data, to be more transparent.

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Many cities have local brigades who solve technology challenges in their communities. Or, there just might be a civic tech issue you could contribute to right now.

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The hardest job you'll ever love

Fellows bring their skills and expertise to local governments to serve the greater good. Code for America staff support them at every turn. Maybe you should join us.

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Trying to solve a civic problem? Before you start from scratch, check out our Product and How-to library. You might find a case study, project, or tool you can use. 

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