We help government work for the people who need it most.


Improving how government delivers food assistance to families in need. 

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Pat's story

"Before, it felt like I was dropping my [food assistance] application into a black box. I didn't have any idea how long it was going to take, or where it was going to go. With GetCalFresh, you check in every few weeks and that is really helpful."

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Jaqueline Marcelos and Laura Ospina's story

"We've been been using GetCalFresh for more than a year and it saves clients 35 minutes of paperwork each time they apply."

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Dylan's story

"Reaching out and actually having people respond really motivated and inspired me. There are people out there who really listen and care.”

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Giving people a second chance to get jobs and housing by clearing past convictions.

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Keeping people out of jail by connecting them with case managers via text.

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