The project

Finding affordable housing in Miami is hard. There needs to be a simple way for disadvantaged Miami residents to find affordable housing. A person seeking housing should be able to enter their information, such as needs and preferences, then be returned a listing of affordable housing options that suit them best.

Fellows Gregory Johnson, Whitney Lubin, and Ezra Okuro, aim to help local government solve Affordable Housing needs by building on the work of 2018 Community Fellowship Team Austin to build an affordable housing data portal for the City of Miami.

The team

Ezra Okuro Ezra Okuro

Community Fellow

Ezra Okuro is a Fellow at Code for America, working on the Miami Affordable Housing portal. He is passionate about creating opportunities to close the achievement gap for low-income families through technology. Prior to being a Code for America Fellow, he was a Business Development Coordinator at EveryBenefit. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at LSU.

Gregory Johnson Gregory Johnson

Community Fellow

Gregory Johnson is a Technical Product Manager and works on the Civic Innovation team at Microsoft Cities. He is passionate about building a better healthcare system and making government work better. He founded EveryLedger to work with companies with less than 50 employees in software product management. He has volunteered with Code for Miami as a project leader and core team member since 2014

Whitney Lubin Whitney Lubin

Community Fellow

Whitney Lubin is a Software Engineer obsessed with helping communities and businesses implement effective technology solutions. She received her B.A. in International Affairs from Florida State University. She is on the Code For Miami team working on an Affordable Housing Solution. She enjoys working with community organizations like CodeFever Miami to provide low-income under-served children with technology and entrepreneurial training, and through her company TheStartUpLife she facilitates knowledge exchange between underrepresented communities in Miami/FTL and youth in Haiti

The Code for America Community Fellowship

Code for America’s Community Fellowship pairs local talent from our Brigade Network with city governments to improve services for vulnerable people they serve.

It bridges the talent gap in the tech and public service sectors by giving government staff the experience of working with technologists, and technologists the experience of working in government jobs.

The Fellowship ultimately strengthens the relationship between local Network leaders and their governments—to create conditions where change can “stick” and help transform government from the inside out.

The Community Fellowship is part of the
Talent Initiative at Code for America.