The project

Historically, the City of Fort Collins' income-qualified and reduced-fee programs are a complex network of varied eligibility criteria and separate applications. The Community Fellowship team in Fort Collins, in partnership with the City of Fort Collins, wants to imagine an application with a single point of entry to access additional resources based on need. Fellows Grace Kim, Cyndey Pham, and Andrew Hernandez aim to build a user-friendly digital application for residents for the City’s income-qualified reduced rate internet services rollout.

The team

Andrew Hernandez
Community Fellow

Andrew Hernandez recently graduated with a B.S. in computer engineering and is excited to start applying his skills to promote systems change. Throughout his life, he saw problems in society and government that were not being solved. He was fortunate enough to work with Microsoft as a Technology and Civic Engagement Fellow where he dipped his toes in civic tech, but once he saw all the problems and the people trying to solve them, he dove head first. It was during this time that he found out about Code for America. He joined his local brigade, Code for San Jose, but he wanted to do more; so here he is now! Andrew wants to one day apply his knowledge of hardware and software to create something that will help the system and, with Code for America, he hopes to find more inspiration.

Cydney Phan
Community Fellow

Cydney Phan recently graduated from the University of Colorado– Denver with a specialization in Human-Centered Design. She's passionate about ethical design practices and is constantly learning new methods and ideas to better create meaningful applications through the modes of UX research and design. Heavily basing her UX strategy on user focused methodologies and experiences, she creates a more seamless human/technological digital integration by getting to the root of essential human problems and providing effective solutions through research-based design solutions. Cydney find the opportunity to encourage change immensely rewarding.

Grace Kim
Community Fellow

Grace is a sophomore at Harvard University currently studying Mechanical Engineering and Government. By navigating through poverty and other socio-economic inequalities as a child, her own experiences overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of higher education fueled Grace’s commitment to community service. From spending her winter break at Laredo, Texas to construct affordable housing for disadvantaged families to now working at Code for America to support the city government programs available for low-income residents in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Grace has made it a personal mission to make community service a priority.

The Code for America Community Fellowship

Code for America’s Community Fellowship pairs local talent from our Brigade Network with city governments to improve services for vulnerable people they serve.

It bridges the talent gap in the tech and public service sectors by giving government staff the experience of working with technologists, and technologists the experience of working in government jobs.

The Fellowship ultimately strengthens the relationship between local Network leaders and their governments—to create conditions where change can “stick” and help transform government from the inside out.

The Community Fellowship is part of the
Talent Initiative at Code for America.