Executive Team

Jennifer Pahlka Jennifer Pahlka

Founder and Executive Director

Lou Moore Lou Moore

Chief Technology Officer

SaraT (ST) Mayer SaraT (ST) Mayer

Chief Program Officer

Product and Technology Team

Andrew Hyder Andrew Hyder

Senior Software Engineer

Anule Ndukwu Anule Ndukwu

Software Engineer

Ash Campo Ash Campo

Engineering Lead

Ben Golder Ben Golder

Senior Software Engineer

Ben Sheldon Ben Sheldon

Engineering Manager

Cesar Paredes Cesar Paredes

Client Success Manager

Christa Hartsock Christa Hartsock

Senior Software Engineer

Emma Gasson Emma Gasson

Head of Product

Eric Giannella Eric Giannella

Staff Data Scientist

Fahad Quraishi Fahad Quraishi

Senior Product Manager

Fritz Jooste Fritz Jooste

Front-end Developer

Gwen Rino Gwen Rino

Data Scientist

Jazmyn Latimer Jazmyn Latimer

Senior Designer

Jen Long Jen Long

Director of Design

Jenny Heath Jenny Heath

Software Engineer

Julie Sutherland Julie Sutherland


Laura Kogler Laura Kogler

Engineering Manager

Luigi Ray-Montanez Luigi Ray-Montanez

Principal Software Engineer

Manya Scheps Manya Scheps

Lead Product Manager

Nicole Rappin Nicole Rappin

User Researcher

Norris Hung Norris Hung

Senior Designer

Rachel Edelman Rachel Edelman


Sharon Langevin Sharon Langevin

Senior Product Manager

Simone Sequeira Simone Sequeira

Senior Product Manager

Symonne Singleton Symonne Singleton

Junior Software Engineer

Travis Grathwell Travis Grathwell

Staff Software Engineer

Zak Auerbach Zak Auerbach

Senior Software Engineer

Programs Team

Alia Toran-Burrell Alia Toran-Burrell

Senior Program Manager

​Annelise Grimm ​Annelise Grimm

Senior Manager, Criminal Justice and Workforce Development

Caitlin Docker Caitlin Docker

Senior Program Manager

Dustin Palmer Dustin Palmer

Program Manager

Evonne Silva Evonne Silva

Senior Director, Criminal Justice and Workforce Development

Laura Ramos Laura Ramos

Senior Director, Integrated Benefits

Meilani Santillán Meilani Santillán

Associate Program Director, Criminal Justice

Monica Beas Monica Beas

Program Manager

Sarah White Sarah White

Senior Program Manager

National Network Team

Christopher Whitaker Christopher Whitaker

Brigade Program Manager

Hashim Mteuzi Hashim Mteuzi

Senior Manager, Network Talent Initiative

Meredith Horowski Meredith Horowski

Senior Director, Brigade Network

Tom Dooner Tom Dooner

Developer Evangelist

Veronica Young Veronica Young

Program Manager, Brigade Network Program

Marketing and Communications Team

Amy Koch Amy Koch

Digital Marketing Manager

Contasia Placide Contasia Placide

Event Producer

J. Elizabeth Smith J. Elizabeth Smith

Head of Marketing

Jahvita Rastafari Jahvita Rastafari

Senior Program Marketing Manager

Ruthie Reisner Ruthie Reisner

Content Manager

Development Team

Jessica Silverman Jessica Silverman

Senior Director of Development

Jimmy Jaramuzchett Jimmy Jaramuzchett

Development Coordinator

Laila Brenner Laila Brenner

Director of Institutional Partnerships

Lizzy Gilbert Lizzy Gilbert

Institutional Partnerships Manager

Sharon Melmon Sharon Melmon

Senior ​Data Analyst

People Operations and Finance Team

Atzay Perez Estrada Atzay Perez Estrada

Office Assistant

Jodie Sweitzer Jodie Sweitzer

Chief of Staff

Joselyn Maser Joselyn Maser

Senior Manager, People Operations

Nohl Espenshade Nohl Espenshade

Office Manager

Sonya Sachdeva Sonya Sachdeva


Vishal Sood Vishal Sood

Senior Accountant