Content Tracks

Our annual three-day event is an opportunity for public servants, advocates, entrepreneurs, technologists, and volunteers to get together in one room and break through some of government’s biggest challenges. In 2020, we’ll be focusing on: Design + Delivery; Civic Innovation + Data; Operations + Management; and Technology + Policy.

Design + Delivery

From introducing attendees to human-centered design to product management, from user research to managing products that focus on outcomes, this track will concentrate on how teams design and deliver government services.

Operations + Management

Our Operations + Management track focuses on the processes, practices and people that help us be more effective. What’s working across procurement, project management, oversight and governance? What have we learned about culture, development and hiring? And underscoring all of this, how will we change sustainably, without burning out?

Civic Innovation + Data

Civic Innovation is where government and technology come together for a more just and equitable society. Where we learn how smart, new uses of technology (but not necessarily new technology!) supports deep, authentic relationships between government and the people. Where promises meet reality and where we focus on cities and grass-roots involvement. New for 2020, we'll also focus on data: from ethics to privacy, from putting out fires to building for the future, from the practicalities of sharing across silos to clearly communicating how and why data is being used.

Technology + Policy

The new Technology + Policy track explores how researchers, designers and technologists working with policy and program managers reduces the risk of implementations that check the requirements of policy, but don’t deliver intended policy outcomes. We’ll cover what leaders need to know and how effective collaboration happens, how delivery-driven policy applies to existing programs, and the hot and up-and-coming technology issues policy and program managers need to know about.

Content Committee

Meet your content committee

  • Afua Bruce, Summit co-chair, and Fellow, Public Interest Technology, New America
  • Allie Brandenburger, Co-founder and CEO, TheBridge
  • Annelise Grimm, Senior Program Manager, Code for America
  • Ashley Meyers, Independent Consultant
  • Carrie Bishop, Chief Digital Officer, City and County of San Francisco
  • Cyrus Sethna, Communications Lead, United States Digital Service
  • Dan Hon, Summit co-chair and Principal, Very Little Gravitas
  • Emma Gawen, Partner, Public Digital
  • Jen Long, Director of Design, Code for America

  • Jennifer Bradley, Executive Director, Center for Urban Innovation, Aspen Institute
  • Kathy Pham, Fellow, Mozilla; Adjunct Instructor, Product Management, Harvard Kennedy School;
  • Katie Malague, Vice President for Government Effectiveness, Partnership for Public Service
  • Khuloud Odeh, Vice President, Technology and Data Science, and Chief Information Officer, Urban Institute
  • Kirsten Wyatt, Co-founder and Director, Engaging Local Government Leaders
  • Nikhil Deshpande, Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia
  • Robin Carnahan, Director of State and Local Practice, 18F; Former Missouri Secretary of State
  • Ruthie Reisner, Content Manager, Code for America
  • Sarah Morris, Director, Open Technology Institute, New America
  • Shannon Sartin, Former Executive Director, Digital Service at the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Sharon Kennedy Vickers, Chief Information Officer, City of Saint Paul
  • Simone Sequeira, Senior Product Manager, Code for America
  • Stacy Dean, Vice President for Food Assistance Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Veronica Young, Program Manager, Brigade Network Program, Code for America