Afua Bruce
Summit 2020 Co-chair
Dan Hon
Summit 2020 Co-chair

Tech for good, and tech for everyone. As it should be.

From neighborhoods to countries, the two biggest levers for improving people’s lives at scale are technology and government.

Whether it’s changing lives by automatically clearing hundreds of thousands of criminal records or designing the forms for signing up for food stamps, the people at our summit put them together.

An open door to new skills and new knowledge

Learn from experts in 101 and higher level sessions about what really works, and the fundamentals you need to succeed. Design thinking, user research, prototyping and product management. Agile and iterative, procurement and digital transformation, you’ll get to the substance behind the buzzwords, and what you need to thrive.

Getting ready for what’s next: Technology + Policy

Making government work in the digital age isn’t just improving, fixing and patching what we have. These legacy systems will be around for a lot longer. It’s also getting ready for the next thing. Learn from the policy experts and technologists working together from the start, designing and delivering modern government programs the ground-up.

Doing the hard work, together

Our work is hard, long and difficult. Whether you’re a community volunteer from a Code for America Brigade, a government employee or a vendor contractor: we’re all here for the same reason. At Summit, you’ll join and be part of an honest and candid community that shares mistakes and learns from failures together. You’re not alone.

Three days. Four tracks. Only in one place.

One day of essential, inspiring workshops designed for you to get up to speed and feel confident in a world of government service delivery.

Two days of keynotes, sessions and lightning talks from your peers and experts.

A Design + Delivery track that dives deep into how design thinking, user research, product management and iterative delivery are changing how government works and improving outcomes.

A Civic Innovation + Data track concentrating on how new (and not so new) technology helps government reconnect with people, how to tell bullshit from hype, and what you need to know - and how to do it - around data governance, data strategy, successful sharing, ethics and privacy.

An Operations + Management track for leaders and managers. Candid stories, practical advice and the strategies and tactics you need for changing organizational culture and shifting the course of a bureaucracy.

And new for 2020, a Technology + Policy track, for the deep dive into delivery-driven policy, where technologists and policy and program leaders work together, iterating on and delivering improved outcomes.

New America
The Tech + Policy content track at Summit is presented in partnership with New America.