The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP or food stamps, provides $70B in food to eligible Americans each year. It is considered one of the most successful government interventions in alleviating poverty and correlates highly with better health and education outcomes for children. In California, 2 million people are currently eligible for CalFresh, but are not receiving the benefits they need. A difficult application process should never stand in the way of a family getting food.

That is why we created GetCalFresh — an application and service that treats clients with dignity and helps them get the food they need quickly. 

<p>It takes about 10 minutes to apply for food assistance using GetCalFresh.</p>

It takes about 10 minutes to apply for food assistance using GetCalFresh.

<p>We follow our users, and then address the barriers they face.</p>

We follow our users, and then address the barriers they face.

Improving the process

We don’t just make the application easier, we improve the entire process by:

  • Building awareness of the availability of food assistance through online advertising.
  • Making sure the process is accessible on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Answering people’s questions via online chat, providing prompts if they are stuck.
  • Removing the need for faxing or scanning of documents (we enable users to upload photos of their documents).
  • Using a robust reminder system to send text or email reminders (depending on user preference) to provide visibility into their application progress, their required interview, and how to maintain their enrollment.
  • Providing support to overcome common barriers, such as rescheduling interviews.

Our goals 

  • Scale GetCalFresh and close the participation gap ensuring every eligible Californian is enrolled in CalFresh by the end of 2018.
  • Reduce application time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes, ensuring a low-wage worker can apply for SNAP on a 15 minute break. 

Try the GetCalFresh demo

Apply for food assistance in 10 minutes using GetCalFresh.