Open Data is critical to any strong government. The data belongs to the people. It needs to be open the from top level data all the way down into reports- not just for the people who already know what's going on, but also for entrepreneurs to create opportunities and offer information and knowledge to the public. We have a standing executive order for all data to be open.

— Mayor Greg Fisher, City of Louisville, KY

You Published Some Data. So What?

Learn how strategic data releases can create immediate value for both your internal staff and community.

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2015 Summit

Do it yourself

Read our Open Government guides and develop practices to become more transparent.

Open Data on Any Budget

How to develop open data under the constraint of limited resources.

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Citygram is a notifications platform for your city, whether it's foreclosures in your area or building permits along your commute.

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U.S. City Open Data Census

Do an evaluation of where your city stands on releasing a landscape of datasets.

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Are you defaulting to open?

Working in the open, proactively publishing public data, and collaborating with the community to help make programs and services better for everyone. Do you have a best practice to share?

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