In government, we have to serve all people. All people means those who are hardest to reach.

— Karen Boyd, Communication Director for the City of Oakland

Embracing Digital in Oakland

Default to digital to meet residents where they are.

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2015 Summit

Building for Inclusive Community Participation

Serving everyone means getting input from a true cross section of a community.​

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2014 Summit

Catherine Bracy

Meeting Residents Where They Are

How to meet residents where they are.

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How to Be Open, Responsive, and Engaging with Your Community

Build inclusive, transparent and interactive community participation in the 21st century

Learn more about community engagement

How Boulder, CO Used Community Engagement to Shape a New Affordable Housing Strategy

Five steps, plus recommended tools, on how to ensure everyone can weigh in on decisions that affect them.

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Use CityVoice

Use CityVoice to quickly gather feedback from your residents. It takes 15 minutes to setup and the responses are presented on a public website.

How it works

Use Textizen

Use Textizen to collect feedback using text messaging.

How it works

Use MuniciPal

Use MuniciPal to find out about upcoming public decisions based on location.

How it works

Tell us about a time you listened to your community

Do you meet people where they are to give them the information they need? We want to know about it!

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