The best tool for resolving disputes within a design team, for making design decisions based on data rather than opinion, is sitting next to someone who is a real person who wants to accomplish something as they use your design to do it.

— Dana Chisnell, User Researcher, United States Digital Service

Civic Design: User Research Methods for Creating Better Citizen Experiences

Learn how to carry out effective user testing to build better civic tools.

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2014 Summit

Cyd Harrell

Kavi Harshawat

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Designing For and With People: A User Centered Approach to City Websites

How to move from static to agile, iterative website focused on user needs.

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2014 Summit

Next Generation of Civic Designers

Dana Chisnell, User Researcher at the United States Digital Service on how public servants are civic designers.

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Use CityVoice to quickly gather feedback from your residents. It takes 15 minutes to setup and the responses are presented on a website.

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