The Criminal Justice Commission has been waiting since about 1980 to have something like this dashboard. When they saw the first real iteration of the dashboard [that Code for America fellows built], there were literally tears in people's eyes because they could answer questions in real time and they had confidence in the data. It was just breathtaking.

— Beth Niblock, Former Chief Information Officer, City of Louisville

Feedback Loops in Kansas City, MO

How a survey helped Kansas City, MO take actions to improve residents' quality of life.

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2015 Summit

Making Virtual Community Members Visible with Google Analytics

The dashboard is an accessible, first-step tool for web teams to engage city staff in the experience and needs of digital visitors. See how Oakland is making virtual community members visible. 

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Do it yourself

Approaches like analytics, data-informed performance management techniques, and predictive modeling can help drive insights into resident behavior and expectations. Check out our guides on how to start using data to improve efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.

  • Tool: LocalData. Use this mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualizing street-level information in real time.
  • Tool: CivicInsight. Simple, clear language and visualizations help residents make sense of complicated processes like code enforcement and building permits. With fewer questions from residents, agency staff have more time to focus on their work.
  • Read: The Responsive City. Stephen Goldsmith and Susan Crawford aggregated case studies from around the country of how cities are using data to engage their communities more effectively.
  • Read: Resource list from the Data Smart City Solutions. Data Smart City Solutions published a list of resources about Stat programs around the country.
  • Read: GDS UK Data Bog. The Government Digital Service in the UK keeps blogs for each of its departments, this is an ongoing chronicle of their Data team.

City Analytics Dashboard

Start understanding how the public uses your website. Set up the City Analytics Dashboard to see live traffic on your site and see what visitors are looking for

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