If we want to get the most innovative design and technology talent inside government, we have to let those communities know that we not only need their help, we want their help.

— Ariel Kennan, Director of Innovation and Design, New York City Mayor's Office of Operations

Your Government Wants You

How New York City builds, recruits, and hires a team of designers for the delivery of health and human services. ​

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2015 Summit

Ariel Kennan

Do it yourself

How To Develop Great People

How the Louisville Metro Government retains and develops talented staff in government.​

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2015 Summit

Sweatpants to Suit

How Maksim Pecherskiy, a former Code for America fellow, became Chief Data Officer for the City of San Diego. ​

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2015 Summit

Maksim Pecherskiy

Products and tools you can use

How to Hire Engineers

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