The project

For the 2020 Community Fellowship, Team Santa Barbara County knew they wanted to bring on individuals with project-related lived experience and partner them with their local government to more effectively address inequities in service delivery. The team is working with the County of Santa Barbara Public Defender, exploring how to make supportive programs and resources accessible to justice-impacted residents, to improve the quality of their lives and reduce recidivism.

The team

Jeanmarie Levy
Community Fellow

Jeanmarie Levy is product designer who is passionate about research, holistic design practices, and advocating for the user. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she quickly grew passionate about service after attending UC Santa Barbara studying Politics and Educational Policy. While serving as a Higher Education Administrator, she obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Southern California in Organizational Leadership. She has spent the last six years designing programs and learning experiences for marginalized communities in the nonprofit sector, and currently resides in Santa Barbara. Jeanmarie is honored to serve as a Code For America Community Fellow to advocate for the justice-impacted community.

Timothy Malstead
Community Fellow

Timothy Malstead is a developer, designer, and illustrator with deep Southern California roots, focused on making the world a more beautiful and equitable place to live. He has a deep and abiding interest in functional programming, in React, JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks and runtimes (NodeJS, Deno), and in serverless architecture (Firebase, AWS). In addition, he has had exposure to technologies such as web scraping, data analysis, and machine learning. Always seeking to learn and contribute, he's thrilled to be a part of the 2020–2021 Code for America Community Fellowship team!.

Victor Sauceda
Community Fellow

Victor Sauceda is an up-and-coming software engineer who resides in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Southern California, he strives to make a profound difference in the quality of life of others. As an exemplary leader, an advocate for change, and a strong passion for technology, Victor continues to find ways to impact the community. He has a background using JavaScript, React, AWS, Node.JS and MongoDB to build innovative applications that are user-friendly and cater to the end users needs. He is proud to be a part of the 2020-2021 Code for America Community Fellowship.

The Code for America Community Fellowship

Code for America’s Community Fellowship pairs local talent from our Brigade Network with city governments to improve services for vulnerable people they serve.

It bridges the talent gap in the tech and public service sectors by giving government staff the experience of working with technologists, and technologists the experience of working in government jobs.

The Fellowship ultimately strengthens the relationship between local Network leaders and their governments—to create conditions where change can “stick” and help transform government from the inside out.

The Community Fellowship is part of the
Talent Initiative at Code for America.