The project

The Community Fellowship team in Adams County, Colorado, is working with Colorado's Department of Community Safety and Well-Being, focusing on how to prioritize delivering services to persons experiencing homelessness. The hope to identify those in need of the greatest breadth of services, and help them access permanent supportive housing.

The team

Ben Poon
Community Fellow

Ben Poon is a full-stack engineer from the Denver area. Before starting the community fellowship, he consulted on software projects for many technology startups. Ben was recommended to apply for the fellowship after partnering with a local nonprofit transitional housing operator to design data collection & tracking systems. He feels a deep connection to the pain of homelessness and is searching for a way to meaningfully affect the problem in his home state.

Brandon Johnson
Community Fellow

Brandon is a SoCal native and full-stack web developer. His B.A. in English Literature from UCLA has centered his interest in the words and stories that shape our society at every level, especially those from marginalized and misunderstood groups. This interest compelled him to make a difference through civic technology that focuses on impacting groups that need the most support. He enjoys reading, exercising, and traveling abroad.

Fiona Tang
Community Fellow

Fiona is the Data Science Community Fellow on the Adams County team. She is committed to connecting with women of color and collaborating on social justice goals through a lens of empathy and equity. Previously, she consulted the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on health impact metrics of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. She created Consolidated Plans on behalf of Bay Area cities and counties to address housing insecurity and homelessness. At Change Machine, she analyzed personal finance data of low-income New York City residents experiencing financial insecurity to inform direct services and policy. At the ACLU, she supported impact litigation concerning free speech and digital privacy.

The Code for America Community Fellowship

Code for America’s Community Fellowship pairs local talent from our Brigade Network with city governments to improve services for vulnerable people they serve.

It bridges the talent gap in the tech and public service sectors by giving government staff the experience of working with technologists, and technologists the experience of working in government jobs.

The Fellowship ultimately strengthens the relationship between local Network leaders and their governments—to create conditions where change can “stick” and help transform government from the inside out.

The Community Fellowship is part of the
Talent Initiative at Code for America.