The application has three parts:

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Tell us about your team
  3. Tell us about your project

Part 1: Tell us about yourself (the primary applicant)

  • Name
  • Email
  • LinkedIn or Resume
  • With which brigade are you affiliated?
  • Brigade role
    • Member
    • Captain
    • Government partner
    • Other [fill in]
  • Select a predominant skill set
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Product
    • Project Manager (Gov, community org, policy making)
    • Procurement
    • Other [fill in]

Part 2: Tell us about your team

  • For each additional teammate, please include the following information:
    • Name
    • Email
    • LinkedIn or Resume Link
    • Role in the brigade (Captain, member, gov partner etc)
    • Predominant skill set (For example Engineering, Design, Product, Project Manager, Procurement, or something else)
  • Strong sponsorship is key to the success of the program. What local government leaders will take an active role to support this program? Please include their name, job title, email address and phone number so that we may reach out to them directly. (150 words maximum)
  • Are there any additional partner organizations that your team will work with?
    • Organization
    • Role within the project
    • Point of contact
    • Job Title
    • Email
    • Phone

Part 3: Tell us about your proposed fellowship project

Learn about the 2018 Community Fellows

  • Describe the discovery work that you have done as a brigade member around this problem. (150 words maximum)
  • Who is the vulnerable population that this work will serve, and how will you involve them in your work? (150 words maximum)
  • How will you work with your government partner, and have they signed off on the problem statement? (150 words maximum)
  • How will the local brigade be involved? (150 words maximum)
  • Has your government partner committed to bringing you on as a temporary part-time or full-time employee? Here is a sample contract that you can share with them.

What additional local contexts should we consider that makes this project an excellent candidate? eg. Recent policies, tech-savvy Mayor's office, strong relationships with local community groups, etc. (150 words maximum)