Note: This product is an experiment that Code for America does not actively maintain. This page is kept active as a record of the project.

Student Insights enables educators to identify at-risk students and match them to the help they need, such as tutoring, parent/teacher conferences, etc. With Student Insights, teachers can look at various risk factors- such as assessment scores or attendance, and view a full story of a student's academic and behavioral history in one place. By using this tool, teachers can avoid manually tracking down this information, and can instead work closely with their pupils.


During the 2015 Fellowship, the Somerville team worked with partners in the City and the Somerville school district to bring technology and data-driven decision-making into the classroom. While the school district was already collecting various data about its students, the process was very manual and time-consuming for teachers, which limited their face-to-face time with students. The fellows identified that technology could help make this process more efficient, and give educators more time to work directly with their students.

In Partnership With

  • Denise Taylor, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, City of Somerville
  • Stephanie Hirsch, Advisor to the Mayor, City of Somerville
  • Uri Harel, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, Somerville Public Schools


The team