Project Comport is an open data portal for police data. Law enforcement agencies can easily plug in existing internal affairs data and quickly create a data visualization that can be downloaded. With Comport, agencies can safely share sensitive data such as officer involved shootings and uses of force, while also providing information about policies and programs that provide necessary context.


In 2015 the Indianapolis fellows worked alongside the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and various community groups to explore how they could improve public safety using data and technology. The city committed to opening up 3 different data sets at the White house during the Presidential Police Data Initiative and the fellows jumped at the chance to combine this with growing needs from the Indianapolis community. The fellows spent the year exploring ways to translate this data and safely share it with the public.

In Partnership With

  • Gary Coons, Data/Chief of Homeland Security, City of Indianapolis
  • Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety, City of Indianapolis


The team