Note: This product is an experiment that Code for America does not actively maintain. This page is kept active as a record of the project.

COMPASS is a tool built for police departments to help manage incoming reports, specifically around nuisance properties and quality of life. The tool allows residents to file reports via web, text, and voice in both English and Spanish. With COMPASS, staff can spend more time out in the community engaging residents and less time on administrative tasks.


With the goal of using technology to improve public safety and increase community engagement, the City of Vallejo partnered with Code for America in 2015. The Vallejo fellows worked closely with the city and Vallejo Police Department, particularly the Community Services Section (CSS), to strengthen the relationship between the police and the community.

In Partnership With

  • City of Vallejo
  • Administrative Analyst, City of Vallejo
  • Police Assistant with CSS, City of Vallejo


The team