Procurement is the way governments (either federal, state, or local) purchase products or services from private vendors. These can be something tangible, such as a stoplight or street sweeper, or something intangible, such as consulting services or technology development.

The series of rules and regulations behind procurement were created to promote fairness, prevent unethical behavior, and ensure accountability. But over time, sometimes these policies could work against the very values they were put in place to preserve. The result is that procurement does not always facilitate governments to engage with new companies offering modern technology products and services, missing opportunities for cost savings and innovation.

Practice Procurement

We're publishing a set of guides, tools and resources to help governments work in the open, proactively publish public data online, and collaborate with the community to help make programs and services better for everyone.


  • Tool: SmartProcure: SmartProcure is a service to search vendor lists an prices across municipalities. Whether you're looking for the best price or negotiating best price with a vendor, see what other agencies have paid for the product or service you are interested in buying.
  • Template: RFP: Visual Brand Guide for Website Design: This RPF template lays out an agile strategy for the design of a city website in three phases; discovery, design and delivery, including the creation of standardized design elements.
  • Template: Professional Services Agreement: Visual Brand Guide for City Website Design: This contract template is for developing a web-appropriate visual identity guide, covering core elements of brand expression online including fonts, colors, iconography, photograph styles for the creation of consistent city websites, this guide contains additional information about the creation of the PSA.


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