Brigade Leaders Gather in Baltimore to Support Expanding Volunteer Network


Members of the National Advisory Council (NAC), a group of elected brigade members tasked with supporting the network of over 450 brigade leaders in 72 cities, met in Baltimore to address brigade captain burnout and local leadership support, among other things. NAC member Jason Hibbets wrote about various initiatives discussed at the meeting, from serious -- brigade captain burnout and the development of a brigade mentorship program to combat it, and the silly -- deputizing a crab cracking mallet as the official NAC meeting gavel during the event.

UX Designer Journey Maps Getting a Fence Permit


Code for Orlando brigade member and UX designer Matt Lavoie explains how to journey map a city service from start to finish, using his team's experience mapping the process of a homeowner getting a permit to build a fence as an example. Learn how to capture the user experience in detail, to stay organized, and how the very process of mapping builds empathy for the user, with Matt's illustrated journey map and list of tips for how to do it yourself.

Civic Tech for Social Good


[Photo credit: New America on Flickr via Creative Commons 2.0]

New America writer Emily Fritcke highlights the need for civic tech engagement around issues local and national. She reflects on the initial failure of and its rebuilding, on the creation of the United States Digital Service (USDS), and on working to bring "the best practices that we knew worked in the tech industry to bear in government when it came to policy implementation." Read Emily's post on the New America blog.

Deliver Digital Services to Detroit Residents

The Detroit Innovation team is hiring for several roles to help deliver digital services to Detroit residents. Jobs include Innovation Analyst, Senior Data Scientist, and Senior Design Researcher. Apply now.

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