Harvard Political Review: Improving Governments with Technology


Harvard Political Review dives into what makes civic tech unique, and what the movement was built on: "its strong focus on user-centered design." Civic tech does many things, harnessing "the wonders of tech to drive innovation in government," but at its core, the focus is on user-centered design ensures that the final products actually solve people’s problems. Read the full article in the Harvard Political Review.

Code for Philly Completes Second Month-Long Hackathon


Code for Philly just ran their second month-long hackathon, called Civic Engagement Launchpad, which worked on a variety of projects, including improving access to food resources around the city. City staffer Andy Viren talks about the event, the projects tackled, and the beauty of hackathons themselves in a recent post for Technical.ly.

32 Organizations Around the Country Redeploy Analytics Platform

pxGNxLjCpsHHhrRtG2m0LMh9OXapcgQXiQcm1SNZ[Photo Credit: Ted Eytan on Flickr via Creative Commons 2.0]

Curious about how many people on government websites right now? 18F built analytics.usa.gov to show how people are interacting with the government online. For more on the project, see post from 18F on how they built it.

Ontario Minister Reflects on First Year In Charge of Digital Government


Ontario Minister Deb Matthews reflects on her first year managing the region's new digital service in her role as the Minister in charge of Digital Government. Learnings from those first 365 days include: good service is about people, it takes all of us (to be successful), and it opens public participation in government. Read her full post on Medium.

Help alleviate homelessness in San Francisco

The City of San Francisco is hiring a designer to generate interagency improvements in service delivery for individuals experiencing homelessness. Apply here.

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