2017 Fellowship in San Diego

Code for America is partnering with the San Diego Workforce Partnership to modernize the process in which job seekers access services at the region’s America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) locations, and create efficiencies for career counselors to be able to reduce administrative time and increase time spent individually counseling job seekers.

Our initial research will focus on interviews with customers, case managers and program managers, and observe how the career centers function and job seekers’ experiences as they progress through intake, service delivery and program exit. We’ll document a need or inefficiency experienced by job seekers, AJCC staff or both. From the data collected, we’ll create a journey map to identify challenges and build digital tools that successfully address and incorporate user needs.

Local team leads

  • Andrew Picard, Director of Programs

  • Brooke Valle, Deputy Director of Programs

  • Alexander Becker, Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives

Code for America team

  • Efrem Bycer, Director of Economic Development

  • Caitlin Docker, Content & Community Manager

  • Michael Hernandez, Technical Product Manager

  • Paras Sanghavi, Engineer fellow

  • Kimberly Voisin, User Research and Design Fellow