2016 Fellowship

The City of San Diego offers many programs and resources to help entrepreneurs start or expand their businesses. These programs can help businesses improve storefronts, hire employees, or better navigate regulations. But resources are scattered online and entrepreneurs can struggle to find information on what they qualify for.

Code for America is partnering with San Diego to help connect entrepreneurs to the publicly available resources to grow their business. Business owners should be able to determine which programs they qualify for and find steps to apply. The fellowship team is building a search tool for small businesses that consolidates opportunities into one place, online. By answering a few questions about your business, the tool will customize the available opportunities for each business owner.

Local Team Leads

  • Erik Caldwell, Director of Economic Development

  • Christina Vincent, Business Expansion, Attraction and Retention Manager

  • Elizabeth Studebaker, Neighborhood Investment Manager

  • Kevin Sullivan, Innovation Economy Division Manager