Long Beach has joined with Code for America on two fellowships: in 2014 focused on healthy communities and in 2016 working on economic development.

2016 Fellowship in Long Beach

Code for America worked with the City of Long Beach, CA to develop online tools that help entrepreneurs easily navigate the steps to start, manage, and grow a business. In summer 2015, the U.S. Small Business Administration awarded the City of Long Beach a $50,000 prize through its Startup in a Day initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of time it takes to register and apply for permits and licenses on the local level.

A prospective small business owner in Long Beach had to navigate multiple agencies, departments, and forms to find information on the registration, licensing, and financing process. This complicated process was also felt on the city side, with staff engaging in multiple information management systems. The fellowship team built BizPort to connect entrepreneurs to business planning resources so they can easily and successfully navigate the registration process. Redeploy the codebase to create a business portal in your city via GitHub

Local team leads

  • Mayor Robert Garcia, City of Long Beach, CA
  • Mark Taylor, Chief of Staff, City of Long Beach, CA
  • John Keisler, Innovation Team Director, City of Long Beach, CA


2014 Long Beach Fellowship

In 2014, Code for America partnered with Long Beach to reduce 911 calls from addresses that have a high number of calls, while improving health outcomes. Making a difference at even a few of these addresses can have an immense impact. The team's research and data analysis showed a small percentage of the population in Long Beach disproportionately uses emergency services. In 2013, 52 percent of Long Beach emergency medical calls came from only 10 percent of addresses.

To reduce 911 calls at high-utilizing addresses, the fellows built AddressIQ to facilitate high-touch human interventions. By using meta-data to identify locations withs a high concentration of emergency calls, the fellows' app empowered city staff to share data, collaborate, and direct resources to locations that would be helped most.

Local team leads

  • Becki Ames, Chief of Staff (2014), City of Long Beach, CA

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