The City of Lexington partnered with Code for America to explore neighborhood quality of life issues and indicators. Specifically, the fellowship team worked on building a Quality of Life Dashboard for neighborhood data. The project is focused around enabling data-driven decision-making and aiding in storytelling about different communities in Lexington.

The Fellows used as guiding factors the information gathered from Lexingtonians about what matters most to their community. In addition to conducting one-on-one interviews, in-person user testing, and casual conversations, the team also completed research and data analysis to determine indicators of strong and weak neighborhoods. The result is a platform that visualizes insights and narratives about social, physical, economic, and environmental trends in neighborhoods, built from city data in standardized formats.

Beyond their work with the city government, the fellows have also been building community around civic technology and open data. Through partnership with OpenLexington, the local Brigade, the Fellows have had opportunities to hold events and conduct skill shares to bring together other members of the Lexington technology community, LFUCG employees who are interested in innovation, and interested and civic-minded Lexingtonians who want to make a difference in the community.