School selection is a complicated process that can leave parents feeling frustrated and confused.

Factors like school location, admissions quotas and sibling attendance can impact a student's eligibility. Meanwhile, features like test scores, historical admissions data, and transportation options can fit more or less perfectly with a parent's preferences and expectations.

DiscoverBPS combines eligibility criteria, school data, and advanced mapping tools to help parents search for and compare their top choices.

Created by the 2011 Boston Code for America fellowship team of Joel Mahoney, Karla Macedo and Talin Salway and in partnership with the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics, this app helps parents answer the important question: Which school is right for my child?

More about Boston

Boston has been a techie city for a very long time. The city established the nations first Mayors Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) and the departments co-chairs were named Governing Magazines Public Officials of the Year. With forward-thinking leaders at the helm, Boston is paving the way for civic innovation. The city has an active Code for America Brigade a group of local volunteers who meet regularly to attend events, collaborate on new projects and stand up existing apps. For details visit Code for Boston.