2017 Fellowship in Anchorage

Code for America is partnering with the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska to quickly connect job seekers to the resources they need to find employment.

Many job seekers walk into a career center and expect to walk out with a job that day. But they face dozens of logistical and administrative barriers as they try navigate the workforce system’s complexities. There are many reasons a job seeker may fall out of the system or even be deterred from starting in the first place.

Our goal is to reduce those barriers and connect job seekers to the right resources the first time around. Initial research will focus on the needs of Anchorage’s residents in low- and moderate-income communities where poverty and unemployment are higher than citywide averages. We’ll document the challenges to accessing core services, like career coaching or job training, that help residents find and keep employment.

From the data collected, we’ll build a tool that helps set clear expectations and successfully addresses job seekers’ needs.

Local team leads

  • Brendan Babb, Chief Innovation Officer

  • Katie Dougherty, Community Development Specialist

  • Kirk Rose, Anchorage Community Land Trust

Code for America team

  • Efrem Bycer, Director of Economic Development

  • Adrienne Dreyfus, Engineering Fellow
  • Clorama Dorvillias, User Research and Design Fellow