To apply, you will describe a project to be built in collaboration between a fellowship team (of Brigade members) and a government partner.

It doesn’t have to be an app! Projects could include:

  • working with the local police department to publish new police transparency data,

  • working with a state government write a modular, agile procurement for an important system,

  • working with a county government to develop a new fellowship program for designers and developers,

  • helping a city redesign a critical service,

  • or many other things. Be creative!

After you come up with an idea for a project, you will create a budget using a template for what it will take to make that project happen.

Project applications will be evaluated based on their potential impact in a 3-6 month timeframe.

You may find these resources helpful in preparing your application:

Feel free to share these resources with your government partner!

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Only one person from each fellowship team needs to apply.