International Design in Government Day at the Code for America Summit 2019

Join us on May 29 for the International Design in Government Day. This is an opportunity for designers to come together and experience high-quality design-specific content that focuses on tips and best practices for designers working on civic issues.


Code for America is delighted to work with the international design in government community to run an International Design in Government Day as a part of the 2019 Code for America Summit.

The international design in government event is in its second year, and brings together more than 1,000 designers working in government across 58 countries worldwide.

This year, Code for America will present International Design in Government Day in collaboration with the international design in government community. The event will be an action-packed day of activities - sharing tips and stories of working as a designer on civic issues, and networking with the community. Tickets for the event are open to all designers working in government, on government issues or interested in design for government.


  • Emma Gasson, Head of Product, Code for America
  • Lou Downe, Director of Design and Transformation for planning and land development, UK Government
  • Mari Nakano, Design Director, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity

Talks and workshops

  • How to Win Fights with Engineers and PMs, or: Collaborating Effectively for Designers
    Rachel Edelman, Product Designer, Code for America
  • Service Design for improving Public Services
    Paulina Bustos Arellano, Co-founder, Cívica Digital
  • Cross-Agency Service Design: Transforming Veterans Employment
    Matthew Ford, Deputy Chief Customer Officer, GSA
    Aaron Stienstra, Designer & Human Innovation Fellow at U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    Amira Boland, Customer Experience, Office of Management and Budget
  • Bringing design in-house: cultivating user-centered design skills at the U.S. Department of the Interior
    Shannon McHarg and Ryan Johnson, Innovation Specialists, U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Natural Resources Revenue
  • User testing on a shoestring (workshop)
    Persis Howe, Senior Content Strategist, Digital Services, City and County of San Francisco
  • HCD at CDC: Design, Science, and Improving without Proving
    Benjamin Winter and Ana Monroe, Service Designers, The Lab at OPM
  • Design is remotely possible: How distributed design teams build better digital services
    Kate Garklavs Saul and Amanda Miklik, UX Content Strategists, CivicActions,
    Austin Hernandez, Visual Designer, 18F
    Ron Bronson, Design Supervisor, 18F
  • The promises and perils of checking identity online
    Meg Douglas Howie and Laurence Berry, service designers, Identity Standards and Fraud team at the UK’s Government Digital Service
  • A Seat at the Table: Bridging Design and Policy to Design Services For and With Everyone
    Ivana Ng, Director of Product, and Lauren Peterson, Product Manager, Nava Public Benefit Corporation
  • Building a design culture
    Mari Nakano, Design Director, NYC Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity
  • Exploring social service patterns - workshop
    Makaela Stephens, Genevieve Gaudet and Kelli Ho, designers, Nava Public Benefit Corporation
  • Conversational Government
    Jen Long, Design Director, Code for America


International Design in Government Day + Summit: $690 (25% discount)

International Design in Government Day only: $150

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