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A warm welcome from your Summit 2019 co-chairs

Dan Hon
Dan Hon

Summit 2019 Co-chair

Cori Zarek
Cori Zarek

Summit 2019 Co-chair

Last year, 1,200 people from America and across the world gathered to learn about and share their experiences in delivering government that works for the people, by the people, in a digital age.

This year, join our growing community at the eighth Code for America Summit to explore what works and imagine what’s possible.

Showing what works

Across America and around the world, teams in government are breaking down silos across departments and agencies and understanding and meeting people's needs. At the Summit, you’ll learn about what works: from putting in place quick and scrappy user research, to tips for leading digital transformation and modernization efforts; from proven methods to shift procurement to focus on outcomes, to quickly and effectively dealing with dockless scooters and delivering progressive transportation policy.

And because the Code for America Summit is serious about being honest and candid, you’ll learn about failures, too. We know that if we’re going to make progress and learn from experience, we need to talk about our mistakes.



Imagining what’s possible

When the best way to get from here to there is with frequent, iterative steps, how can we make sure our destination can be revolutionary, not just improvement over what we have right now?

At this year’s summit, keynote presentations, breakout sessions and workshops will include visions of a radically improved future for government services—from social welfare to procurement, but with the insight and practical experience that make these visions different from yet another policy paper.

Join us and make government work in a digital age

The people who attend the Code for America Summit are changemakers. They bring new attitudes, collaborate across old silos, do the hard work over the long term, and deliver real transformation. Your community is waiting.


Special thanks to our 2019 Content Committee members

  • Afua Bruce, Director of Engineering, Public Interest Technology for New America
  • Catie Bialick, Criminal Justice Manager, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Caitlin Docker, Senior Program Manager, GetCalFresh, Code for America
  • Cori Zarek, Summit co-chair, Code for America consultant
  • Cyd Harrell, Former Chief of Staff, 18F
  • Dan Hon, Summit co-chair; Code for America consultant
  • Daniel X. O'Neil, former product, business development, and marketing, Ad Hoc; tech executive and civic tech expert
  • David Eaves, Director of Digital HKS at Harvard Kennedy School
  • Elizabeth Smith, Summit general manager; Head of Marketing, Code for America
  • Emma Burnett, Code for America National Advisory Council Representative
  • Emma Gasson, Head of Product, Code for America
  • Evonne Silva, Senior Director of Criminal Justice and Workforce Development, Code for America
  • Hashim Mteuzi, Senior Manager of the Network Talent Initiative, Code for America
  • Jack Madans, Digital Services Principal, Judicial Council of California

  • Jascha Franklin-Hodge, former Chief Information Officer, City of Boston; HKS visiting fellow
  • Jennifer Anastasoff, former head of talent, US Digital Service
  • Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director, Code for America
  • Kirsten Wyatt, Co-founder and Director, Engaging Local Government Leaders Network
  • Lou Moore, Chief Technology Officer, Code for America
  • Lou Downe, Director of Design and Service Standards, UK Government Digital Service
  • Lynn Overmann, Vice President for Data-Driven Justice, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Meredith Horowski, Senior Director of the Brigade Network, Code for America
  • Michael Wilkening, Special Advisor on Innovation and Digital Services in the Office of the Governor, State of California
  • Robin Carnahan, Director of State and Local Practice, 18F; former Missouri Secretary of State
  • Simone Sequeira, Senior Product Manager, GetCalFresh, Code for America
  • Sharon Kennedy Vickers, Chief Information Officer, City of Saint Paul, MN