Citizen Onboarding

CitizenOnboard is a national project to understand how our own government services work - and don't work. It's a grassroots effort to document the experience of using key government services and monitor their availability.


The primary way you can contribute is by documenting your experience using a digital service provided by the government in your community. If you send us a slideshow (Keynote or PPT work), we'll do the rest:

  1. Pick a service (if you need ideas, start with the SNAP Census.
  2. Go through the service yourself and take a bunch of screenshots using Awesome Screenshot (or something else).
  3. Download the Keynote or PowerPoint templates.
  4. Express yourself! Go ahead and make the presentation your own. Be thorough and be yourself. Check out other teardowns from or for inspiration.
  5. Send us the slideshow: (password = by the people).

We'll handle the rest and ping you know when it's up!