Journey Maps

What does a user experience when navigating a service?


  1. Pick the service you want to create a journey map of.
  2. Get a sense of what the goal for the resident/user is. 
  3. Take sticky notes and write out all the steps that a resident/user has to take to achieve their goal. 
  4. Bonus step: Interview residents to see how they feel about each step. Is it easy? Is it frustrating? Can we identify pain points? 
  5. Bonus step: Interview government employees to see how they feel about each step. Is it easy on their end? Why do they have to do things this way? What are their pain points. 
  6. Take a picture and submit your journey map to


  • "To understand a building, you need a set of drawings to adequately describe it, such as vertical sections and floor plans. Each drawing holds one thing constant and consequently helps you see details from a particular perspective." - Ben Golder, Engineer Safety & Justice, Code for America