Digital Service Census

What is the state of local government digital services across America?

Local Government Digital Service Census 2016

Code for America has prepared this digital census for the National Day of Civic Hacking 2016.

This census askes you to judge a few important government services in your city and county.

By participating in the census, you’ll help your Brigade, local government, and Code for America:

  • Create a baseline of what’s working and what’s not with online city services
  • Assess and prioritize city services
  • Engage local government and community partners in a conversation about building 21st century government


  1. Go to the Local Government Digital Service Census 2016
  2. Find your city or county on the Census
    1. If its not there, email and we'll add it
  3.  Choose which service you'd like to review, such as Applying for Food Stamps or Applying for your Criminal Record
  4. Click the +Add button
  5. Click the Submit Information button
  6. Login with Google on the left or anonymously on the right
  7. Answer the questions, referring back to the website you've chosen to review
  8. When finished, click Submit and you'll see your answers appear as green, red and blue bars on your city's row of the census.

To change an answer

  1. Go to your city's page on the census
  2. Click Propose Revision
  3. Change the answers for this service in your city
  4. Submit your revision
  5. A local reviewer will approve or reject your revision, may take some time.

Past Censuses

This census may look familiar to you. We've done several of them in years past: