Challenge: The Opportunity Project

The Opportunity Project is an Obama Administration initiative to use Federal and local data and digital tools to expand access to opportunity for all Americans. Launched in March of 2016, The Opportunity Project data and tools help families, communities, local leaders, and the media navigate information about neighborhood-level resources like quality housing, schools, jobs, transit options, safe streets, and parks. The Project aims to serve as a platform for collaboration—bringing together Federal and local government, civic technologists, community members, advocates, policy experts and data stewards to work together to build meaningful visualizations and digital tools that improve people's lives.

So, what is “opportunity”? The Opportunity Project defines opportunity as

·      Access to resources and services that a family, individual, or community needs to thrive and

·      Freedom from stressors that detract from the family, individual, or community's ability to thrive.

But opportunity varies from person to person and place to place. For a low-income family seeking affordable rental housing, opportunity means something different than it does for a young person experiencing homelessness, or an unemployed dad seeking a job.

What does opportunity mean for people in your community? Code for America challenges you to work with community members, schools, city government, local officials, advocates, and more to define what key resources are, and what opportunity looks like for them. For example, opportunity may mean having access to services in your native language, safe streets, or childcare available nearby. 

Use the Opportunity Project data found on as a starting point. Then create data visualizations or begin the design of a digital tool. For example, are there daycare centers across your city, or just in some neighborhoods?  Does transit serve neighborhoods that are ethnically diverse? The Opportunity Project data can unlock this information.

Share your results with everyone, and keep the collaboration going even after June 4###sup/sup###.

Please note that this is a National Day of Civic Hacking challenge, not a federal challenge or competition.

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