Challenge: Ready to Work En Español

For this year's National Day of Civic Hacking, we're challenging volunteers to build products and prototypes that help connect Spanish speaking job seekers to training that will teach them skills to get jobs. We'll then share these results with the US Department of Labor. In regions around the country, there are many schools, colleges, and training programs that provide career technical education in Spanish, teach English as a Second Language (ESL), and/or contextualize vocational training along with ESL. There is currently no easy way to find these programs, particularly for people who don’t speak English. This challenge would compile lists of these resources and allow easy access via smart phones for non-English speakers to find programs. This database could be enhanced with user and employer feedback about the efficacy of the classes. These data could transform the way non-English speakers find and have access to skill building programs that will increase their employability.

This challenge aligns with the White House policy framework, Ready to Work: Job Driven Training and American Opportunity which calls for better access to job-driven training for all Americans. The challenge both breaks down barriers for accessing job-driven training, and offers user-friendly information for an underserved segment of our regional economies by using data in more meaningful ways.

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