Challenge: Open Foreign Assistance

Globally the U.S. government is one of the largest donors of foreign assistance. We invest in countries around the globe to assist with economic development, humanitarian needs, health, and security challenges. In an effort to increase transparency and accountability, the government developed a website that tracks and visualizes foreign assistance investments in an accessible and user-friendly way. This website ( provides open access to foreign assistance data by year, country, agency, and sector for the public to explore and use. shows taxpayers how 1% of their tax dollars are being spent. We know this information is relevant not just to those in Washington, DC working in government, but to communities around the globe. It can be used to tell a story in one country, or it can be used for a global comparative view. It can be used to draw conclusions on U.S. foreign policy and trends. What are those comparisons or trends? You tell us!

We challenge you to show us how you can use our data. Why is this relevant to you? Can it be mashed with other datasets to tell a story? Can it be combined with datasets to identify gaps in foreign assistance coverage? Can it be used in your classrooms? We encourage you to use the API in answering these questions and write to us with feedback at 

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