Challenge: #DataAtWork Workforce Data Initiative

The University of Chicago, and other public and private organizations have collaborated to create a shared resource for companies, states, and non-profits to access the data underlying jobs, skills, training, and wages. 

For this year's National Day of Civic Hacking, we're challenging volunteers to use the API to help build products and prototypes that aid in workforce training and development. New applications built on open data have revolutionized other industries, and creating interoperability in the workforce industry could transform the way citizens make employment and training decisions. Today, the industry built on opening weather data is estimated at $10 billion and the industry built upon GPS data is estimated at $90 billion. Workforce training and development is already a $140 billion industry, even without an interoperable data architecture. 

Imagine an application for a 27-year-old community college dropout living in Milwaukee to enter current job, location, and the wage they'd like to be making. The app could then return results for related careers that make the desired salary; what skills this new career would require; what training is available near their location to attain those skills; and which of those trainings have provided the best results for their participants. 

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