Challenge: Applying for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is important, but not easy to apply for - let's see how we can improve the process.


Subsidized housing programs provide housing assistance for low-income residents, residents with mental illness, elderly, individuals with disabilities, or any families facing serious barriers to retaining housing.   

Affordable housing is super important for healthy communities. It can stabilize people who may be at risk of losing everything. Applying for housing subsidies can sometimes take years and involve applications to many different lotteries. Each application requires different up to date information regarding your income status and household size, to name a few. 

Code for America is researching how to improve the affordable housing application process. We need your help to understand what is out there now and your wisdom on how to improve it.

Activities for this challenge

To get started, search  Google for “<my county> affordable housing”.

Use your local affordable housing website to complete any of the following activities. These tasks will require your awesome user experience, research, and design skills. 

Citizen Onboarding

Teardown so we can build up.

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Journey Maps

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