Challenge: Applying for a Business License

Starting a business means new jobs and better neighborhoods. Let's see how hard it is to do that.


Small businesses are the heart of many communities, and getting started can be the hardest part. To start a business, you typically have to apply for a business license. We want to learn about the process to start a business in your community. Did you have all the information you needed to complete the business license application? How did you find the application? Is the application online or do you have to bring it into city call? Do you know how long the processing will take? Help us!


Small businesses provide quality jobs, help power local economies, and revitalize neighborhoods. An entrepreneur typically has to register their business with the city before they can open, but acquiring the right permits can be prohibitively complicated. It's not always clear which department should be contacted or what permits are required. An entrepreneur may need a fictitious name or their business plan reviewed by city officials before submitting an application for their business license.

Activities for this challenge

To get started, search Google for "Applying for a business license in <my city>". Use your local business application website to complete any of the following activities.

These tasks will require your awesome user experience, research, and design skills. 

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