“Our country is in the midst of the worst public health crisis that many of us have ever experienced... As a result, ordinary people are now publicly lauded as today’s new American heroes: people like healthcare workers, janitors, grocery store clerks, educators, and government employees.Yes, that’s right. government workers.” —Bob Nevins, Director of Health and Human Services (HHS) Strategy and Business Development for Oracle Public Sector

As governments at all levels move quickly to adapt to the needs of the current moment, human services agencies across the country are making adjustments to serve a significant increase in demand for online, accessible, and easy-to-use services, while under significant challenges given their own changes in work environment and resources. And the technology companies that serve governments are working with them to increase the ability to provide services. It’s hard work, and it’s being done every day to help meet the needs of the American people.

“There’s no turning back from this new digital world of government. But here’s where I see the next opportunity. With the kind of tools and processes available today... The opportunity is wide open for any constituent to participate in remaking government in a post-pandemic world.” —Bob Nevins

Stay tuned for a virtual conversation later this summer in partnership with Oracle that will lift up stories of local and state government leadership in times of crisis. In the meantime, share your stories with us on Twitter and Facebook and tag the government workers making better services possible every day. 

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Keeping Government Open While the Doors to City Hall Are Locked