The Campaign for Clear My Record

Across the country, voters have approved several measures that allow for tens of millions of Americans to legally expunge old, low-level convictions from their record, so they can get jobs, housing, and education. But because of complicated, burdensome bureaucratic processes, a tiny fraction of eligible people have actually benefited from the intention of the voters. We can fix this, but we need your help.

A gift of any amount will help advance our work toward justice at scale. Here are just a few ways your investment can make a difference:

Create technology infrastructure to address the bottlenecks in the criminal justice system across the State so we can help people at scale $50,000
Build capacity of courts to test electronic filing of record clearance paperwork $25,000
Craft and publicize two reports (Automatic Record Clearance Blueprint and Closing the Delivery Gap) about this work $10,000
Publicity for automatic record clearance work to educate public and build momentum across government $1,000
Help government clear convictions for 70 people $500

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Code for America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan organization (EIN number 27-1067272), and all donations are tax-deductible.