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7 Reasons Why You Should Come to The Code for America Summit


Register for the #CfASummit, September 30 – October 2 in Oakland, California.

Considering going to the Code for America Summit, but haven’t bought your ticket yet? Here’s 7 reasons why you should.

If you’ve already bought your ticket, we’re excited to see you there! Consider these 7 reasons why you’ve made a great decision.

This list is just a brief preview of what you’ll find at the Summit. There are more than 100 speakers and sessions this year. Please see the schedule for more information and full descriptions.

1. Learn what 21st century government means and why it matters.

Maybe you’re new to the idea of 21st century government, or maybe you already know about it and want to brush up on the basics. We’ve got you covered. Even if you’re an expert in 21st century government, these talks are sure to spark new ideas for your work.

2. Learn how to transform your government for the 21st century.

You’ve got the what and why of 21st century government down, now dig deeper and figure out how you can implement 21st century government practices. Hear from people who are building and using new tools to change how their city operates.

3. Get the skills to do it yourself.

Roll-up your sleeves and participate in workshops designed give you the skills to use the tools of 21st century government. Whatever your technology background, you’ll find workshops that’ll expand your skill set:

4. Hear from tech industry leaders.

Check out discussions from the nexus of public and private services:

5. Learn how 21st century government impacts lives.

Code for America focuses our iterative, user-centered, and data-driven approach to government primarily in four areas: Health, EconomicSafety & Justice, and Communications & Engagement. Attend the following talks to learn how we’re moving the needle.

6. Be in the know at the Tech Fair.

Meet companies creating cutting-edge technology. At the tech fair you can demo and learn more about the newest tools and technology powering 21st century governments around the country.

7. Harness the power of diverse voices in your community.

“The problems that get solved have everything to do with who’s doing the solving.”—Jen Pahlka, Code for America Founder and Executive Director

In order to address the diversity of challenges that cities face we need to access a diversity of voices. You already know that inclusion in tech is important. Attend these breakout sessions to learn how you can engage everyone, particularly underrepresented groups.

Join us at the 2015 Code for America Summit! Can’t make it to Oakland? All main stage sessions will be live streamed.