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Code for America Brigade Branding Guidelines

This post is a guideline for how to brand your Brigade.

Naming Conventions

If you don’t already have a name for your Brigade, we encourage you to follow established patterns.

*Code for **

Examples: Code for Boston, Code for Philadelphia, Code for Virginia Beach

*Open **

Examples: Open San Diego, Open Asheville, Open Twin Cities

Identifying with the Code for America Brigade network

Code for America Brigades are volunteer groups that collaborate with local government and community partners to build new tools that help with local civic issues. Code for America supports Brigade chapters with resources, tools, and access to the wider civic technology movement.

When identifying yourself, share that your Brigade is part of the larger Code for America Brigade network.

  • Examples: “Open Oakland is a Code for America Brigade, a group of volunteers that bring community members together to make government work better. We hold weekly hacknights…”
  • “Code for BTV, a part of the Code for America Brigade network, met with City officials…”

In any public communication, conversation with public media, or endorsement, make clear that the statement is from your local Brigade and not from Code for America, unless the statement is explicitly approved by Code for America. Use your Brigade-specific name in all communications.

  • Examples: “Code for Atlanta published a new open data guide.” “Code for Miami supports the City’s new open data policy.” “Open Chattanooga, a Code for America Brigade, is participating in National Day of Civic Hacking this year.”

Don’t write or publish statements on behalf of Code for America or Code for America Brigades.

  • Example NOT to do:  “Code for America Brigade supports the City’s new open data policy.”


  • Example TO do: “Code for San Jose appreciates and supports city’s new open data…”

If you want Code for America’s endorsement or support on a statement or action, please reach out to marketing@codeforamerica.org.

Important note: Speak for yourself or on behalf of your local Brigade. Do no speak on behalf of Code for America or Code for America Brigade Network.

Style Guide for “Brigade”

  • Code for America Brigade program is capitalized
  • a brigade is not capitalized
  • When first referencing brigade, provide a quick description, “Code for America Brigades are volunteer groups that collaborate with local government and community partners to build new tools that help with local civic issues. Code for America supports Brigade chapters with resources, tools, and access to the wider civic technology movement. ”

Use the flag tag and insert a local icon, logo, or symbol with the words “Code for [x]” or your Brigade’s name below.

Use the Brigade helmet icon with the words “Code for [x]” or your Brigade’s name. (Please do not try to mimic the Brigade/CfA logo.)

Do not make a derivative of the Code for America logo.


These are the official CfA colors. You’re welcome to use them, but please do not to make derivatives of the brand.

  • CfA Red
    • C13  M94  Y69  K4
    • R204  G39  B62
    • #cf1b41
  • CfA Blue
    • C70 M24 Y0 K0
    • R57 G159 B211
    • #399fd3
  • CfA Grey
    • C0    M0    Y0    K49
    • R149  G151  B154
    • #939699
  • Brigade Grey
    • C58    M49    Y46    K15
    • R109  G110  B113
    • #6D6E71


Proxima Nova: Our primary brand font is available through Adobe Typekit for web and desktop use, and available in Google docs (but not for free download).

Source Sans: a free and open source font available for web and desktop use through Google Webfonts, and available for free download here. It’s even on Github!

Web Presence

The most important attribute of your web presence is accessibility. Accessibility is anything that makes it easier to find your Brigade’s presence online and use it, like forums, community sites, and documents collections.

The default mode of Brigade is Public. Brigade practices Public = Online.Avoid web services that require authentication for read-only access.

General Guidelines

  • Make pages distinctive from codeforamerica.org
  • Make sure you are not representing yourself as CfA HQ
  • Link to CfA HQ
  • Send posts to brigade-info@codeforamerica.org so we can republish at codeforamerica.org

Social Networks & Media

Official Hashtag: #cfabrigade


Facebook Pages are recommended. Facebook Groups are discouraged. Pages are publically visible. Groups require authentication to view content. Please connect with the Code for America Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CodeforAmerica

Google Communities

Google Communities are recommended.


Create an account for your Brigade if you can tweet enough relevant and interesting content to grown and engage your audience.

The Brigade must always retain control of this handle:

  • It should not be tethered to an individual (if the manager of the handle leaves it should transfer to another Brigade member).
  • It will never be managed by Code for America’s national office

Be sure to include @codeforamerica and/or #cfabrigade in tweets; we retweet relevant content for the larger CfA following  from @codeforamerica account.

Create a list of other Brigade handles in your Brigade’s Twitter account. Code for America is working on our own list here: https://twitter.com/codeforamerica/lists/brigades


We encourage you to use the Code for America Tumblr to publish your local Brigade content directly into the Code for America network. Add pictures, quotes, articles, stories, videos prolifically. You are welcome to reach out to Code for America if you want something specifically shared with our networks. http://codeforamerica.tumblr.com/


For non-sensitive, public spaces, we’re comfortable with large group shots. If you’re taking identifiable photos (i.e., strongly focused on a few people/faces), please do get verbal permission and names. Be clear with how you might potentially use the photos.

Other options include: post a quick sign at check in or on a wall saying that there will be photos taken throughout the event or do a quick announcement at the beginning of the day. Generally speaking, verbal consent is fine.

If you have photos you’d like to share with the CfA Marketing team to use, send them to photos@codeforamerica.org.

View this deck for guidelines and tips about how to take good photos.

Use of Code for America Collateral

We publish templates and collateral in the Creative Commons for your use on the Brigade Tools Page.


SWAG = Stuff We All Get.

It’s what we pass out at events to market Brigade. Code for America Communities Team sends SWAG to Brigades.

Contact brigade-info@codeforamerica.org?subject=Need SWAG if you need SWAG and/or want to make your own SWAG.


Creating or distributing materials with Code for America branding? Please check with our Marketing team, marketing@codeforamerica.org.