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Announcing National Day of Civic Hacking Challenges

National Day of Civic Hacking is right around the corner. On June 6, 2015, meet up with urbanists, government staff, developers, designers, and activists to help make your city better.

Anyone can participate. You don’t have to be an expert in technology, you just have to care about your community. There are more than 70 events happening across the country. Find an event near you >

To celebrate National Day of Civic Hacking, more than 30 federal agencies released new datasets and challenges to hack on. To help you navigate all the opportunities, here is a snapshot of what’s offered this year:

  • Mapping America: Create maps that help explain and communicate issues facing your neighbors.
  • Visualizing Nutrients: Design a compelling, innovative visualization that highlights threats to nutrient pollution.
  • Avian Infographics: Connect people with the science of conservation and wildlife management.
  • Twittering Birds: Develop applications that access and display publicly available data from social media to map, highlight, and educate about urban bird conservation.
  • WorldWise Schools Redesign: Create a tool to connect Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) serving abroad, and Returned PCVs with interested educators and classrooms back in the US.
  • International Travel Guide: Develop a guide that integrates the State Department’s travel advisory API to display safe travel tips.
  • Innovative Access to Scientific Reference Data: Improve access to NIST Standard Reference Data (SRD) by developing apps that allows scientists and students to find and download data quickly with mobile devices.
  • Two Factor Frenzy: Develop a tool that shows users which sites currently offer multi-factor authentication, with information tailored to the user based on their online habits.
  • Trademark Scavenger Hunt: Create a mobile photo scavenger hunt game to challenge your friends to find some of the registered trademarks all around us.
  • Health Impacts of Climate: Develop ways to turn available climate change data into useful and accessible information for citizens in order to help them better adapt to and manage climate variability.
  • Open Foreign Assistance: Develop insights from the foreignassistance.gov to show taxpayers how 1% of their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Open Data City Sustainability Solutions: Create an application leveraging the U.S. Census Bureau’s City SDK that addresses an integrated sustainability problem in your city.

Don’t miss the chance to improve your community and the government that serves it! Register for an event near you today >