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Local Fundraising for your Brigade

Note: This article is an archived resource for Brigade leaders and may not reflect current best practice. Visit the current Brigade website for the latest resources on running a Code for America Brigade.

Thinking about raising money for your local Brigade? We’ve put together this module to help.

Code for America’s TAX ID number is 27-1067272. All Official and Network Member Brigade’s may use this number to intake donations.

Local Fundraising 101

  • Local fundraising: YES Donations. NO Sponsorships.
  1. How does Code for America help local Brigades intake funds they raise?
    1. Code for America can help local Brigades intake donations (not sponsorships). Code for America will treat all funds raised by local Brigade Chapters as donations and will send a formal thank you letter to all donors.
    2. Donations are tax-deductible and cannot have business benefits for the donor (giving) company. Sponsorships are not tax-deductible, require a signed agreement, and include specific deliverables. Your local fundraising will be through donations, not sponsorships.
    3. If you would like Code for America to receive a sponsorship on your Brigade’s behalf, you will need written permission from Code for America. To request this, email brigade-sponsorships@codeforamerica.org.
  • Accepting donations for your Brigade
  1. What are the steps for securing a donation for my Brigade once a donor wants to make a donation?
    1. Donor writes check // donor uses the online Code for America donation form and indicates your Brigade name under “What inspired your donation?”
      1. Checks should be made payable to “Code for America Labs.”  Please include “for X City Brigade” in the memo.
      2. The mailing address for Code for America is:
        1. 155 9th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
    2. Code for America receives check
      1. Finance team will receive the check.
        1. If under $1,000, full amount will be available for you to spend
        2. If over $1,000, please first reach out to the Brigade staff (brigade-info@codefoamerica.org) Code for America to confirm how this will be spent and receive approval in advance.
  • Funds will be added to your Brigade account to spend against. Note: these funds will be spent down before drawing against any of your Code for America HQ-approved budget.
  1. You can access funds by submitting expenses against the funds in Expensify using this process.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  1. Raising funds to expand your Brigade activities? Planning to work on outside projects through the Brigade? Working on projects beyond a volunteer capacity (ie compensating people)?
    1. This requires three things:
      1. Confirmation that CfA is able to support this additional work. Email brigade-info@codeforamerica.org to start this conversation.
      2. Formal Fiscal Sponsorship agreement with Code for America
      3. Bank account for your local Brigade
    2. Code for America will then accept these funds on your behalf and write a check directly to your local Brigade, which you can use to pay for those expenses directly.
  • Steps and protocol for standing a 501(c)3
  1. Code for America is planning to pilot this with a few Brigades who are already on this path by scoping out what will be required to support this including financial and legal support. If this is key interest to you, please email hannah@codeforamerica.org

Resources and Templates

  1. Fundraising Toolkit
  2. Brigade Support Reimbursement Process
  3. Sample Local Donor Prospectus
  4. Sample Local Sponsor Prospectus (note that Code for America cannot be the fiscal sponsor to process sponsorships, we can only processdonations)
  5. Sample Write-Up for Corporate Partners (potential donors OR sponsors)


Video: Local Fundraising

On April 17, 2014, Code for America hosted an online workshop on local fundraising to help local Brigade Captains get started with fundraising.

Joining Code for America Communities staff to lend their expertise were Ashley Meyers, Development and Engagement Manager at Code for America; Kyla Williams, Program Officer at Smart Chicago Collaborative; Bradley Holt, Brigade Captain at Code for BTV; and Harlan Weber, Brigade Captain at Code for Boston.

Watch the video: