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Code for America Brigade Support Reimburstment

NOTE: Support reimbursement is only available to Captains and Brigade leaders who have been explicitly informed they have access to funds.


Code for America Brigade provides different levels of support reimbursement to Brigades to help with costs of organizing a local Brigade. The level of support reimbursement depends on a Brigade’s level of development. Except for national Brigade events like National Day of Civic Hacking and CodeAcross, reimbursement is only available to Official Brigade Chapters. Additionally, all Code for America network events should offer the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy, or a compatible forked version of these.


Areas eligible for reimbursement include food and drinks for events, venue rental, printing costs for event promo materials, and other costs associated with organizing a Brigade. Should you have any questions about whether an expense is “reimbursable” — please ask us first to avoid any confusion.

Process for Accessing Funds through Expensify

The Code for America Brigade program uses Expensify to reimburse Captains. Expense reports need to be submitted within 30 days of an expense being incurred. You will need a receipt for every cost you submit for reimbursement.


If approved for reimbursement, use the following process:


  1. You need to be invited to join Expensify on the CfA Policy. Please email msantus@codeforamerica.org and request an invite. If you’ve already been invited, log into your account at Expensify.com.

  2. Create a New Report
  3. Fill in the report
    1. Name of Report should be [Your City/Brigade; Month]
      1. i.e. “Code for San Francisco: April 2014”
  4. Upload receipts and attach them to the report. Expensify has a mobile app that makes it easy to take photos of your receipts and upload them to Expensify.

Note: the REIMBURSABLE button needs to be checked to receive reimbursement


  1. Select the appropriate “Category” for each expense.  The category refers to the expense account to which this expense should be charged.  For the most part, you will use the following categories:
    1. Meetings and Events – This category will cover all expenses incurred in association with any Brigade meetings or events.  This includes food, beverages, the cost of the space, etc.


  • Marketing – Advertising – This category will cover all expenses incurred in association with publicizing your Brigade’s events and/or activities.

  • Marketing – Apparel – This category will cover all expenses associated with any clothing or “swag” items purchased on behalf of your Brigade.

  • Travel and Events – Other – This category is used for any travel-related expenses or other Brigade expenses that are not associated with the production of a Brigade meeting or event.


  1. Select the proper “Tag” for each expense.  Each Brigade has its own tag.  The tag you select should be the name of your Brigade.
  2. Each month should have a separate expense report. For example, expenses from January 2015 should be separate from February 2015 expenses.
  3. Submit the report
    1. To: msantus@codeforamerica.org
    2. CC: brigade-info@codeforamerica.org
    3. Memo: [Make payable name & address to send check to] or for a quicker reimbursement, link your Expensify account to your checking for direct deposit reimbursement. http://help.expensify.com/direct_deposit/
  4. Brigade Support Team will either approve or reject, with reason. If approved the expense report goes to Code for America Ops Team for fulfillment. If rejected, we’ll ask you to correct the reason and refile.

Process for Code for America Paying Vendor Directly on a Brigade’s Behalf

We understand that the cost of Brigade events and meetups can add up. Code for America can help by paying a vendor directly on your Brigade’s behalf.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Brigade Captain checks in with Code for America by emailing msantus@codeforamerica.org at least three weeks ahead of payment due date to confirm that Code for America will pay the expense.
    1. Email should contain price quote from the vendor. Michael will check this against what is approved in your strategic plan.
  2. If approved, vendors must prepare a final invoice and send the invoice via email to brigadeinvoices@codeforamerica.org.
  3. Please also have the vendor supply a completed W9 with the invoice. www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf


NOTE: Code for America pays invoices every Wednesday morning. Please keep that in mind as you coordinate this process.

Questions? Let us know at brigade-info@codeforamerica.org.