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What a $250 Million Project Means for You (if you live in Atlanta)

It’s one thing to know that your city is spending hundreds of millions of dollars improving infrastructure. It’s another to know that they’re finally going to fix your broken sidewalk.

We’re working to bridge this gap in Atlanta using a new website we call, simply, Infrastructure Map.

Atlanta Infrastructure Map

The city has a $1 billion backlog of infrastructure debt, and Mayor Kasim Reed has made it a goal to secure $250 million to begin improving roads, sidewalks, bridges, and more. The map lets you see where the money is going.

You can drill in to your neighborhood and find out how your block is benefitting. And, by clicking a project, you can start a discussion between you, others in the community, and the city.

So if you’re interested in Atlanta’s future, starting exploring the Infrastructure Map and start a conversation. It’s your city to shape.

Want an infrastructure map for your city? The code is on Github and was designed to be easy to redeploy. It’s powered by a simple CSV file, and hosted on Github Pages. In just a few minutes, you can be hosting discussions for your city’s projects.