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The Peer Network gets a “Brain Trust”

braintrust-01I’m excited to announce that Code for America’s community for government professionals, the Peer Network, is gaining some new expertise.

We recruited a small cohort of experts to serve as a “civic tech brain trust” to our growing government community. These Peer Network Advisors will support members as they open data, pursue procurement reform, redesign bureaucracy, and, generally nudge their institutions to work in new ways.

The result is a group representing a wide range of expertise from web development, data, design and research to policy analysis. Each advisor is a trusted member of the CfA community and will be available to share expertise through our discussion forums, one-on-one matching, and online trainings. Let the brainstorming begin!


Web Development

Michal Migurski

Code for Americas’s CTO, director of technology at Stamen

  • Open source maps & geodata
  • Open data publishing
  • Development in Python, PHP, Javascript
  • Open source project management
  • **Derek Eder

    ** Founder of DataMade & OpenCity, Organizer of Chicago’s Open Gov Hack Night

  • Civic app development & ideation
  • Working with open data
  • Releasing open data, event
  • Volunteer and community organizing
  • **Joel Mahoney

    ** 2011 CfA Fellow, co-founder of OpenCounter, creator of DiscoverBPS

    • Product Development
    • Lean/Agile Project Management
    • Data/Analytics

    Lou Huang
    2013 Fellow, former architect & planner turned front-end developer, creator of StreetMix

    • Urban planning
    • Civic engagement
    • User experience design
    • Product development

    Dave Guarino
    2013 CfA Fellow, health policy wonk, developer, data schlepping enthusiast

    • Technical Product Management
    • Data Processing/ETL
    • Developer/Analyst Experience Design
    • Health Policy
    • Organizational Learning

    Ben Sheldon
    2012 CfA Fellow, founder of multiple companies & organizing groups, developer at Pantheon

    • Lean
    • asset-based development
    • APIs
    • Developer communities

    Ben Balter
    Proclaimed “lighting in a bottle” by White House CTO Todd Park, Chief Government Evangelist at GitHub

    • Open source
    • open collaboration
    • Technology as organizational change
    • Legal stuffs



    Matthew Gee
    Founder of the Center for Impact Measurement, founding organizer of Data Science for Social Good

    • Open Data
    • Building Internal Analytics Teams
    • Impact Measurement
    • Data-driven Sustainability

    Lauren Talbot
    Former head programmer for the NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics

    • Data refinement
    • Actionable intelligence
    • Government relations
    • NYC data

    Juan-Pablo Velez
    Founding organizer of Data Science for Social Good fellowship, Data Scientist at Civic Insight

    • Data Science
    • Urban Policy
    • Data Visualization
    • Property Data


    Design and User Research

    Cyd Harrell
    Past VP of UX Research at Bolt Peters, UX Evangelist at CfA

    • User Experience
    • User Research
    • Civic Design

    Alistair Croll
    Lean method thinker and implementer, founder of Year One Labs,  author of Lean Analytics

    • Data-driven startups
    • Business modelling
    • Lean strategies
    • Customer development and surveying
    • Social media analysis

    Ariel Kennan
    2013 CfA Fellow, award winning designer

    • User experience
    • Service design
    • Citizen engagement
    • Technology innovation


    Policy & Communications

    Nicole Neditch
    Former Online Engagement Manager with the City of Oakland, Code for America Fellowship Director

    • Communications/PR
    • Emergency Response
    • Community Organizing/Citizen Engagement
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Arts & Culture
    • Open Data

    Alissa Black
    Productive disruptor, director of the California Civic Innovation Project at New America Foundation, government relations director Code for America

    • Municipal innovation
    • Civic engagement
    • Change management

    Rebecca Williams
    Policy analyst at Sunlight Foundation, creator of open data policy guidance, curator of best practices

    • Open Data Policy
    • Open Data Best Practices
    • Local Government
    • Community Organizing

    Jed Sundwall
    Developer of usa.gov’s social media operations, founder of Measured Voice and Civic Knowledge

    • Social media
    • Data visualization
    • Open data
    • Communication strategy

    Susan Stuart Clark

    Board member of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, consultant to the Institute for Local Government, founder of the Common Knowledge Group

    • Broadening Public Participation (especially beyond the usuals)
    • Community-Driven Design
    • Multi-Sector Partnerships
    • Culturally Competent Communications



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