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Utility Boxes

Santa Cruz is trying to get more people biking to work. So they’ve installed electric cabinets all over town.

James Burr the Transportation Manager for the Santa Cruz Public Works Department explained that these are bike lockers. You can rent them for five cents an hour and your bike will be kept safe from theft.

There are stickers explaining the purpose of the lockers, but people don’t really notice them.

James was about to print new stickers with a drawing of a bike in a locker, but they still seemed too small. So I suggested we just paint a life-size bike on the side of the locker so people would know what they are for. James told me to “go for it.”

I did a test on the bike locker located at city hall.

George from city maintenance brought traffic cones when I was done and unfurled caution tape like he was putting a sash on Mrs. America.

I painted another locker in a busy part of downtown.  People stopped to watch and to tell me they had thought the lockers were utility boxes.

This was a quick analog side project to the larger digital focus in Santa Cruz.